Basic SMS terms every marketer should know

SMS stands for Short Message Service, or some call it Text Messaging, is a short text message that can be sent in a variety of ways. For example, from a mobile phone to another device or sent from the website to the mobile phone. This method is commonly used in business because it can send SMS to many mobile phones by managing through a single delivery system, also known as Bulk SMS.

How does SMS work?

One of the most popular forms of communication, SMS, or short message service, has revolutionized how we communicate instant messages in our business world and our personal lives. Today anyone with a mobile phone can send text (주식광고문자) messages instantly to other mobile devices. We embrace this modern technology. But the complex infrastructure of cell towers and satellites sends millions of messages that Americans send every day.

You may not be using your phone all the time. But information is sent and received through control channels all the time. These paths between cell phones and cell towers exchange data packets and establish a continuous connection. The control channel is also used as a highway for SMS messages. These messages travel from the cell phone to the cell towers, sent to the proper control channel in seconds. Each packet contains text (주식광고문자), timestamp, format, and destination phone number.

SMS Service

SMS Service is an SMS sending service for businesses. Service providers will develop an SMS delivery system that businesses can use. to communicate with customers or target groups efficiently. In general, the competition in the service will be at ease of use and deliver quality and price are essential.

Personalized SMS refers to the delivery of short messages. with a personal message included in the content sent, such as “Dear Mr. Somchai, You have accumulated Loyalty Member Points from your past use of the service, totaling 888 points.” Name and Reward Points Most SMS service providers offer personalized SMS software today, which is famous because recipients are more satisfied with the information they receive. Generic aggregate exported data.

Short Code is a unique number created to support various activities. Who wants to have two-way text communication (2 Way SMS), such as voting, to easily remember the number because the Short Code has only 5-7 digits, and the consumer is responsible for the service fee. There are many prices, such as 3 – 100 baht, so the service provider should specify the conditions for the consumer to know first.

SMS API (SMS Application Programming Interface) SMS API or Application Interface means an operating system library or other operating systems Open to other programs developed that can be connected and used together with the SMS sending system, for example, SMS notifying the movement of financial transactions of various banks or service to notify the delivery status in the E-commerce system via SMS to the orderer, etc.

SMS Marketing is marketing by using SMS, which can be divided into two essential types:

One Way SMS

It is a type of push or SMS Broadcast sent by a business owner or a brand, such as SMS advertising (주식광고문자), using SMS to inform promotions, discounts, or events.

Two-Way SMS 

It uses media such as TV, radio, or print to make consumers aware of their activities or benefits that customers will receive and pull (Pull) for consumers to decide to join. The consumer will be the one who responds by sending an SMS to the specified number. The system will send an automatic reply message back to the consumer’s machine. So it’s two-way communication. Examples often seen as voting, guessing, participating in the sweepstakes, etc.