Australian Trading Platforms vs. US platforms: Differences in Online Trading

Online share Australian trading platforms are comparable to trading in the US as a resident in many ways. Similar to US investors, Australian investors register an account, deposit funds, monitor a watch list, carry out transactions using a desktop or online platform, and do research.

However, Australian investors should be aware of a few crucial factors before choosing an internet broker in Australia; these factors are unimportant in the US.

  1. Commission ranges: While it is uncommon for an online broker in the US to offer different commission structures, In Australia, however, the majority of brokers provide variable rates based on the total value of the deal. Thus this is not the case.
  2. Availability of Mobile apps: In the US, every online broker has a mobile app; in Australia, not all brokers do. Despite the growing popularity of mobile phones in Australia, well-known brands like BellDirect and Nabtrade still need dedicated mobile apps. According to a survey by Investment Trends, one in six online investors claimed that having a mobile version of an investment platform impacted their broker choice.
  3. Research funding: Most brokers in the US provide free access to premium information from sources like Morningstar. Brokers in Australia are more likely to charge traders a monthly subscription fee and provide premium research.
  4. Order Type: This industry standard must be followed for market orders, limit hours, and stop orders. However, brokers may provide other options for trading US stocks from Australia. This includes trades done after business hours. Additionally, many sophisticated order types, like conditional orders, will be accepted by different brokers.

What Australian Trading Platform is the Least Expensive?

Based on the variety of providers in Canstar’s database, Stake now offers the lowest trading cost of $3 for a hypothetical $15,000 trade of Australian shares. Stake charges the same price regardless of the deal’s value. Therefore, a low-value transaction would likely be subject to its $3 fee. At the time of writing, Stake does not impose a recurring payment on customers like many providers on Canstar’s database. Keep in mind that Stake users may be subject to additional costs and that the platform’s service for investors purchasing shares of US-listed stocks is subject to separate fees.

Also, consider that cost is only one factor when selecting a share trading platform, and the most affordable option may sometimes be the best for your needs.

Who hosts the superior trading platform, Saxo Bank vs. eToro?

eToro vs Saxo bank, who hosts the superior trading platform? It would be best if you executed a trade with the trading platform. Thus, it is crucial. Additionally, trading platforms offer price charts and various analytical tools to aid traders in developing their strategies. Saxo Bank offers trading through SaxoTraderPRO (20-day limited), SaxoWebTrader (20-day limited), and SaxoTraderGO as a service to their customers (Limited with 20 days). The deal is supported by browser-based trading, one-click trading, trailing stops, and pending orders. In contrast, eToro offers trading via the eToro Platform, eToro Mobile Trader, and One-Click Trading.

Which one offers the best spread?

The lower the spread, the better it is for traders because the spread is a trading expense. Although only some brokers publish their spread data transparently, obtaining information about broker spreads can take time and effort. However, traders can still select their ideal brokers based on the nature of the spreads offered by them. Variable and fixed spreads are the two most widely used types. Each trader may favor one spread over the other and vice versa. In this instance, eToro offers a Fixed spread, while Saxo Bank’s pricing is based on a Fixed spread.


Every trader’s overall wealth-building strategy is thought to include investing in shares. For active traders looking to outperform the market, it’s critical to have a clear idea of the brokerage features you want, such as cutting-edge strategy, all-encompassing tools, premium research, and affordable pricing. Web-sharing Australian trading platforms are similar to trading in the US as a resident. Like American investors, Australian investors register an account, deposit funds, and then use a desktop or internet platform to execute transactions, keep a watch list, and do research.