Allergic Rash

allergic rash It can often occur with people with sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย . Often when trying to buy a new makeup whether cheap or expensive We have a chance to develop a red rash. If that cosmetic contains chemicals that we are allergic to mixed in. When used, it will cause allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) that often has a red, itchy rash. After we are exposed to substances that cause allergies. It usually occurs at the location where it comes in contact with that substance, such as allergy to perfume, allergy to preservatives in cosmetics. If used on the face, there is a rash on the face, allergic to substances in toothpaste such as Cinnamic aldehyde, it also causes a rash on the lips. Allergy to rubber shoes or leather shoes There is a rash on the feet along the lines of contact with the shoes. Allergy to metals such as nickel, cobalt, gold, if wearing earrings, the rash on the ears. If you wear a belt with a steel buckle, you get a rash on your stomach. Or even the thigh from putting a coin or key in the pocket of your pants. Allergy to hair dye causes a rash on the scalp. Including a rash around the eyes that may be caused by an allergy to nail polish because girls like to put their hands on nails to touch or rub their eyes. Therefore, the dermatologist who examines this disease has to play the role of a detective. Always ask for a good history of what substances the patient has been exposed to and how they are in everyday life. Occupation, hobbies, including recreational and sporting activities

Risk group

Occupations where allergic rashes are common are hairdressers. Perhaps this disease may be classified as occupational diseases. (Occupational medicine) because the hairdresser is exposed to chemicals that are vulnerable to allergic reactions. such as hair dye especially black which often contain substances PPD that can cause allergies easily. And there are also other occupations that encounter allergic rashes from touch while working, such as aromatherapy masseuses allergic to perfume. florist allergic to flowers The doctor or nurse is allergic to latex from gloves.

This kind of allergic rash does not happen to everyone. It is a reaction caused by exposure to a substance for a while, thus causing an allergic reaction through the body’s specific immune system. (Delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction), so the occurrence of allergic rashes therefore does not depend on the concentration of the substance High concentration or low concentration substances It can cause allergic reactions as well. This is different from Irritant Contact Dermatitis (ICD) that occurs after exposure to irritants. or a solution that is acidic or alkaline, such as dishwashing detergent, detergent bathroom cleaner

In the case of an ICD, if exposed to them There will be a rash in almost everyone. The higher the concentration of the substance or the more exposure to the substance for a long time or often Even more frequent hand washing with plain water can cause dry hands. cracks and rashes from this mechanism as well


1. Avoid substances that cause allergic reactions.

Should choose a gentle product or use a gentle cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า , but if it is unavoidable. At least it’s good to find protective equipment. such as wearing gloves But in some cases, allergic rashes occur from work. violent Interferes with quality of life or may even have to change jobs or move departments Because applying anti-inflammatory drugs that are mixed with steroids regularly Will have a negative effect on the body, such as a bacterial infection or skin infection with steroids. (Red, itchy rash disappears, skin is thin, easy to use, capillaries and pimples appear)

2. Take antihistamines or antihistamines.

that may be itchy They often choose first-generation antihistamines, such as Hydroxyzine, because they want to use the drowsiness from the side effects of the drug to relieve itching. and treat this type of rash This is different from the treatment of hives (Urticaria), where doctors will choose the next generation of antihistamines. which has a longer effect than the first version and does not cause drowsiness as the main treatment

3. Apply anti-inflammatory medication.

Most medications are steroids. therefore should be under the supervision of a physician Because the doctor will control the strength (Potency) and the time of application that is suitable for the patient. If it occurs on the surface Your doctor will choose a lower strength, such as 0.02 percent Triamcinolone acetonide, Prednicarbate.

contact allergy test

A patch test involves taking a sheet containing dozens of samples. There are both standard test kits and additional special kits. by testing according to the patient’s history who thought they might lose by putting a sheet on their back And make an appointment to see the results after 3-5 days. Patch test also has indications to do to find the cause of eczema. that often recur or skin rash with large areas as well as skin rashes from drug allergies


  • Avoid contact with substances that cause rashes. If unsure, see a doctor. in order to receive the appropriate test.


  • Use the product or come into contact with suspected or known allergic substances.


allergic rash Can it be cured or not? and allergic reactions such as rubber from shoes If I wear rubber shoes often, will it really make me lose my allergy?


Contact allergic rash can not be cured, so wearing rubber shoes often in people allergic to rubber shoes. It does not help with allergic reactions. But instead, it will make the rash even more exacerbated.