A short guide to software testing outsourcing for businesses

Software testing is an essential step in developing any project, as it allows you to identify errors that may adversely affect the operation of the final product. Most companies prefer to outsource testers. Today we want to explain why it is beneficial and who it suits.

When is outsourcing testing used?

There are several reasons and regulations why you should outsource testing https://testfort.com/qa-outsourcing. It is usually used in such cases:

  • You are running a one-time or side project. Hiring a whole team of testers makes no sense if you are releasing a one-time project, as this is entirely unprofitable.
  • Limited project budget. Outsourcing testing helps save up to 20-30%.
  • You are experiencing an unexpected delay. If your specialists do not have time to complete the work, you can ask outsourcing specialists to do part of the work.
  • Lack of experience. If you are faced with a new format that you have not worked with before, and your specialists do not have enough knowledge or experience, it makes sense to turn to more qualified outsourcing testers.
  • Need a fresh look. In smaller companies, developers test themselves, but they may miss bugs. In such cases, you need a look from the outside, which will highlight the flaws that you might overlook.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing testing

More and more companies are choosing to hire outsourced testers as they believe it can be very beneficial. However, don`t think this is a panacea for some problems; hiring outsourcing specialists can only be problematic if you can organize the work.


Hiring testers for outsourcing has a large number of advantages, among the most important are:

  • Economic efficiency;
  • Full range of tests;
  • Easy to adapt;
  • An impartial approach.

Testers often need to pay more attention to some points, as they are immediately positively disposed towards your project. Usually, it would be best to have an outside perspective to assess the quality of the services provided and whether the software can perform the tasks for which it was created. It is crucial if you are looking for new investors or need to make an impartial report on the work done.

Order the services of outsourcing specialists. You can be sure they have all types of performance testing tools and the necessary knowledge to fulfill your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.


While outsourcing testing has many advantages, and it also has several disadvantages:

  • Communication;
  • Quality;

Quite often, the customer and the performer need help to establish communication, which leads to the tester not understanding what tasks he must perform, which causes problems. However, if you discuss these issues in advance, this problem can be avoided.

Before hiring a tester, you must familiarize yourself with their portfolio in advance, find out what tools they work with and how many years of practice they have. Of course, if you want to entrust some monotonous work, a student who takes a small fee for his services is also suitable for you. But, if you are hiring a tester who needs to test the code in-depth, you must ensure that this person is well qualified. Please ask the applicants to complete a small test task, which will assess their knowledge and skills.

Data security is a top priority today. The tester doesn’t need to be able to transfer the personal information of clients or the weaknesses of your project to third parties. Still, this possibility always exists if you hire an outside person.

How to choose the right specialist?

If you decide to work with outsourced testers, you have to be very careful in selecting candidates. So, it is necessary to consider not only the level of qualification (although this is also very important) but also the personal qualities of a person (responsibility, interest in details, willingness to communicate, and much more). It is crucial that you feel comfortable working with such specialists.

It is also necessary to carefully study customer reviews and learn more about the team’s reputation, assess how they cope with complex tasks and how willing they are to accept criticism.

Usually, such specialists are hired on acquaintances’ recommendations. Still, if this format does not suit you, we advise you to learn more about companies on the Internet or attend events dedicated to testing. Here you can get acquainted with new trends and make new valuable contacts.