A Pennsylvania Car Shipping Company Can Move Your Ride

One of the most valued and important things is your car, so entrusting it to an auto shipping company while you’re moving may be a stressful and terrifying experience. When you move, you’re frequently under a great deal of pressure since you have a lot of responsibilities to finish in a short period of time.

Typical Issues During Auto Transport

Unfortunately, there are a lot of variables and potential outcomes when it comes to transporting cars. The following list includes some of the typical issues that might occur during car transport, how to resolve them, and how to avoid them altogether.

A tardy delivery

Delivery delays are one of among the most frequent issues that occur with auto transportation. While auto transporters try their best to give their clients an exact arrival date, there are a lot of things that may go wrong and cause a shipment to be delayed.

This can involve, among other things, unanticipated traffic congestion, severe weather, mechanical issues, collisions, or a flat tire. Additionally, as trailers sometimes transport a number of vehicles at once, late clients and documentation can also delay delivery.

Auto movers seldom provide you a precise delivery date and time because of the possibility of delays, so you should be skeptical of any business that does. Car transporters often give you a three-day window for delivery estimates.

Inaccurate quotation

Sometimes, a miscommunication concerning your order results in the shipping business giving you the wrong estimate. This happens when two cities with extremely similar names are situated in the exact same state, but hundreds of miles apart generate a difference in your estimate of several hundred dollars.

Communication problems

The procedure can occasionally be made simpler by using a Pennsylvania auto transport to choose an agent for you to send your automobile. This may also prevent misunderstandings. Even while it may relieve you of some of the obligation to have a third-party broker manage all client and carrier communications, there is a higher chance that something will go wrong.

The carrier may delete your vehicle off their list and carry on with their cargo if they need any information regarding your vehicle and the place of pickup and are unable to reach your broker. Your progress will be halted, and your anticipated delivery date will be extended as your agent will now need to locate an alternative carrier to carry your automobile.

Keep in touch with the auto transport company to avoid delays brought on by a breakdown in communication.

Off-course locations

The routes taken by auto transport firms are frequently the same. If you need pick-up or shipment from a spot off the beaten path, you could pay more, or the service might take longer. Instead of demanding door-to-door delivery, picking up your car at a terminal will probably cut down on both your waiting time and your costs.

Before choosing a provider, it is important to ask about additional fees for your remote origin or destination to avoid a later surprise price increase.


Your vehicle may sustain damage during transfer, which is another frequent occurrence. When your car is delivered, make sure you give it a full inspection for any dings, dents, shattered glass, or other damage in a well-lit place. Don’t forget to inspect beneath the bumpers and on the roof because these places are frequently missed.

Make a note of any additional damage that you discover that wasn’t present when your automobile was picked up on the Original Examination Report, also called the Bill of Lading (https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/bill_of_lading) in some cases. After that, have the delivery man sign the paperwork. If the driver fails to acknowledge the form before departing, it will be difficult to file a claim afterwards.

Your shipper should be contacted with your complaint next. They’ll probably want you to email them the initial Inspection Report, pictures showing the damage, and a copy of your mechanic’s estimate of the costs of the repairs. You may choose to get in touch with BBB if the firm does not promptly react to your dispute with an offer of resolution.

Before hiring a shipper, be careful to find out about their normal insurance policies and how much extra insurance would cost. Your existing auto insurance company may also sell cargo insurance.

Bait-and-switch calculations

The most prevalent fraud and scam in the vehicle transport sector, like in any other moving service, is the bait-and-switch estimate. This happens when a business provides an extremely cheap quote for its product or service before adding a number of “hidden charges” that dramatically increase the cost.

If a consumer challenges the price, the business will not deliver until the balance is paid within full.

How can you prevent being a victim of these issues?

By properly investigating your vehicle carrier before choosing them, you may prevent being a victim of fraud. Ask for client references, read online reviews, look up the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau, obtain specific rates, and ask for the company’s MC number, which you can then check on the FMCSA website.

By following these instructions, you may be confident that the auto mover you hire to export your car is trustworthy and honest.