8 Best adventure treks to do in India


A mix of pleasure, adventure, and self-realization, trekking in India brings a lifetime experience. India provides many trekking opportunities to tourists all around. Trekking is an adventurous trekking activity in the Himalayas region. It will make your experience incredible. Where trekking in the Himalayas in Sikkim provides panoramic views, a trek in the Himalayas regions of India brings the surreal beauty of this region. Enjoying the trekking is thrilling while visiting the old monasteries adds to the highlights.

Going on treks on the Himalayas combines adventures with spirituality. In some places, you also observe the cultural lifestyle of people, that are also overwhelmed with beauty. If you love trekking in India, check out the best treks in Indian Himalayas.

1. Kedarkantha trek


It is the finest climb for beginners. Kedarkantha trekking is a long trek of 6 days in the national park, Uttarakhand. It is an easy and popular trek to do in India. The seasoned and beginners trekkers love to do the kedrakantha trekking. There are numerous reasons why it is a famous trek among trekkers in the Himalayas. The climb of Kedar Kantha is the rewarding one. Suitable from the base camp, the trek looms are large. As you begin the trek in the early hours and quickly climb up to the slope, the world opens around you. During this trek, the climb is not easy. It is a steadily steep entire stretch. The high mountains of the Himalayas keep your tour exciting until your friends and family reach to summit.

2. Chadar Trek


Walking on the river with ice-covered Zanskar brings the ultimate experience. It is the best trek for those who love the adventure experience. Spring water with the chadar trek prevents the icy blanket from smothering the river completely. In some places, it retains the rapids. Chadar trek goes by the shuffling that breaks and changes the color of a river each hour. Chadar trek is time challenging and magnificent trek. It provides opportunities for trekkers to visit the Buddhist monasteries and trans ranges villages. The trekkers love this new trail, trekking on the snow-covered banks that move down to the spot on the Zanskar river. Here you can see the more stable ice. This trek can give you a matchless experience. Everything about the chadar trek is exceptional, atmosphere, panorama, caves, and frozen river. Etc.

3. Gomukh Tapovan Trek


The Gomukh top oven trek is the best destination for trekking in India. It is because of the wonderful sightseeing opportunity that it offers and the significance of spirituality associated with it. Along the Bhagirathi river, this trek takes the trekkers to the right place to the river source, which is commonly known as Gomukh. The tapovan camp provides some rarest sites in the Himalayas. It gives enthralling peaks. Many other peaks provide brilliant views of the glacier. It is considered the alluring part of this trek. Amateurs undertake this trek. In this way, it gives the posses physical fitness. You will come to the huge patch of lush meadow during the treks.

4. Pin Parvati pass trek


Pin Parvati pass trek in India is categorized as a difficult trek. This is a trek that is a walk on the glaciers in Pin valley in Spiti and Parvati valley in Kullu. This treks are begin from manikaran. This hiking and walking tour passes from various villages, stunning lakes, and verdant meadows. You should follow the upstream route of the Parvati river, like the trekkers that come across the glaciers. It gives the insights that remain in your memory for a long time. Before reaching Spiti valley, you have to travel via the pin Parvati pass. It makes the highest trek point. Trekkers find the Spiti valley and its monasteries before moving to Manali through Rohtang pass and Kaza.

5. Milam Glacier trek


Milam glacier trek is a wonderful trek in India. In Kumaon Himalayas, this trek finds the fascinating east base camp of Nanda Devi around the Milam glacier. The Kumaon Himalayas make the eye-catching areas in the Indian Himalayas that forms the Nepal borders at the end of the western side. The home of Nanda Devi is the mountain range that is the highest peak. This form of the Himalayas fascinates many trekkers and mountaineers. It drew the mysterious aura and tales around it with the majority. Milam glacier trek is regarded as the best trek in India. The trails enter the impressive mountain areas in the Himalayas regions across the adjoining peaks of Nanda Devi.

6. Dzongri Goecha La Trek


Dzongri gotcha la trek is an exciting trek in India. There is the various reason why it is considered an exciting trek. This trek started in Yuksom town. It is a famous place for its historical significance. Here, you get the chance to find the traditional lifestyle and culture of people. The best thing is that this trek gathers the trekker’s attention to the unique wooden style fencing with a pleasant experience. This trek follows the Sikkim Himalayas route. Here you will see the breathtaking views of the Himalayas regions.

7. Shepherd trail trek


The shepherd trail trek is popular. It takes the trekkers to the secluded and distant villages in the Himalayas regions in India. This trek is only open to try for four to five months a year. It started in Manali’s outskirts and ended at the shepherd villages that are located on the Bara Bhangal. The forest of Rhododendron and birch pave the path to the mountain pass. In this way, the descents direct to the exquisite walk through the forests and pass over the glacier’s debris.

8. Roopkund trek


Roopkund trek is situated in Uttarakhand in the Chamoli district. It is a famous trek in Uttarakhand. There are some places as thrilling and mysterious that are considered roopkund in Uttarakhand. This trek is best known for the skeletons in a lot of hundreds. These skeletons are found at the edge, bringing the time back to the Paleolithic age. You can follow the many routes to reach roopkund, with the common passes through the Lohajung. This route takes you to waterfalls, places, and past meadows. The best and most amazing part of the Roopukund trek is that you can climb covered snow mountains.

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