7 Common Flagpole Installation Errors and How to Avoid Them

For a lot of people, the American flag brings a lot of meaning to their lives. So much so that they choose to have it displayed full-time. And the easiest way to do that is with a sturdy flagpole.

The key to being able to enjoy your displayed flag all comes back to the installation phase, when mistakes are made during this portion you’ll be having constant issues. But if you take your time to do a careful, detail-oriented job, you’ll be able to enjoy your flagpole for years and years to come.

Avoid these flagpole installation errors for the best results and the most beautiful addition to your landscaping!

1. Choosing an Inconvenient Location 

One of the most important parts of installing residential flagpoles is deciding where they should be placed. There are so many factors to consider in choosing flagpole locations, it’s important to take a good look at all of them to make sure you won’t regret your placement choice in a few months. read more  : topworldzone

First, you want to look at where the flag will be most visible and prominent in your landscaping. It should be free from large trees to avoid the flag getting caught in branches swaying in the wind. Next, you want to check and make sure it won’t be a huge inconvenience to move around when caring for your lawn or moving a vehicle.

Sometimes getting outside opinions helps you to see things about the placement you might have missed on your own as well.

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2. Digging a Too Small Hole 

At first glance, it might seem like installing a flagpole just means digging a slim hole big enough to fit the pole into and then filling it back up. But it’s actually a little more detailed than that.

In order to ensure your flagpole has a solid foundation, you need to dig a hole with a much bigger diameter than itself. This gives it the ability to have the soil all around it firm to keep it in place much better. It’s also important to make sure the pole goes down deep enough in the hole to avoid excess movement.

3. Forgetting to Add Cement 

Another reason the flagpole hole should be significantly bigger than the pole itself is to accommodate for the cement you should be adding to it. This will do the best job of holding the pole in place no matter what the weather is like.

It’s also best to avoid using cement that dries too quickly as it has a tendency to crack and be a much weaker base. This step should be done with extreme care for the best, longest-lasting results. In fact, it’s likely best handled by a flagpole installation service to guarantee the results you’re looking for.

4. Using a Low-Quality Pole

No matter how much care and attention to detail you give, installing large flagpoles will always end poorly if you’re using low-quality materials. A flagpole is an investment for your home and should be chosen very selectively.

You want to choose flag poles that are made of strong metals, have a nice finish (bonus if you can choose the color), and will stay straight even after years of use.

A flag flying in your yard should look dignified and respectful, if you have a cheap-looking pole you’ll never be able to achieve that look.

5. Letting it Get Damaged 

There’s often a waiting period between when you receive your new flagpole and when it can be installed. In that in-between time, it’s important to keep it wrapped up and protected. That goes all the way through the installation process if possible.

The protective plastic covering is the best way to avoid scratches, dings, and dents that can happen as the pole is moved around.

It should also be stored standing up if at all possible, but in a secure way that eliminates the potential of it falling over. The last thing you want is something falling on it or someone stepping on it and bending it out of shape before you can install it.

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6. Missing Important Pieces 

While they seem like simple structures with just one piece, flagpoles are actually fairly intricate and need all of their parts to work properly. You should conduct a parts inventory before you begin the installation process to avoid issues down the road.

Most often parts used to actually hang and move the flag up and down the pole are what goes missing.

These parts are also very difficult to reach to repair or replace once the pole has been installed and is standing up tall. The best thing to do is figure those things out before that’s the case.

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7. Not Calling Utility Companies Before Digging 

Since you’ll be digging a deep hole in your yard, it’s important to call the local utility companies before you begin the project. It’s hard to know what’s already down in the ground as far as plumbing or electrical lines. And if they are severed during the digging process, you’re going to have very expensive problems on your hands.

These companies will send out representatives to check your location and make sure it’s okay to dig there. It may add a few extra days to your project but it’s critical to avoid causing any major problems.

Flagpole Installation Errors to Avoid 

If you avoid these flagpole installation errors while working on this home project, you’re going to see professional-level results and have a wonderful-looking display. A little bit of extra care helps take this landscaping addition to the next level.

There’s no point in investing in a flagpole if it’s just going to be an eyesore and causing safety hazards all the time. It’s best just to do the project right from the beginning to avoid any potential problems. For many, this means hiring professionals to help make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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