We all love puzzle-themed novels! Whether we’re going for a good mystery novel where the characters have a lot of secrets to hide and sins to take care of. Or whether it’s a good crime thriller where you are investigating a serial killer or any accident that has been committed, and you get to analyze so many crime scenes and solve so much of murder that you just become highly aware of the whole scenario quite soon! They’re all like an escape room such as Dimensions Escape Rooms, and getting into one and then escaping it is a thrilling rise to go on! But they are all fantastic to read about and even get into! So, if you are an escape lover like us who’s also into novels, we’ve got five puzzle-themed stories for you to read inspired by the popular escape rooms! 

Here is the list of 5 puzzle-themed novels inspired by popular escape rooms:  

1. ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS: This novel is something new and enthralling! Here, a queen bee, valedictorian, a star athlete, a stoner, a loner, and a music geek are invited to a dinner only to be locked in the room with a note and a syringe filled with poison; where it says that to get out alive, you will have to kill one person. Amber Prescott is determined to get everyone active but will she be able to do it? Somehow, they’re all connected, and escaping that room doesn’t sound easy.

2. CRUEL CASTLE (Sequel to “SAVAGE ISLAND” ): This is the sequel to Savage Island, so spoiler alert! After surviving the ruthless island and Mr. Gold, Grady is stuck working for him and goes to a castle to plot the next team-building exercise. Ben and Lizzie are in hiding, presumed dead after escaping the island, and they want to return to their families, but they need to bring Gold down. In pursuit of their freedom, they secretly join Grady in the castle. But as “the doors slam shut and the series of deadly challenges between them and freedom are revealed, it looks like history is going to repeat itself…” 

3. REPRIEVE: There’s a well-known haunting escape room where if you complete your haunting journey throughout the escape room without uttering the word “reprieve,” your group will win the cash prize! But before they can achieve it, someone kills one of the contestants. Afterward, the police investigation reveals several haunting societal truths and love or fear that will shock you to the core! 

4. THE PERFECT ESCAPE: A guy and girl try to do an escape room to get some cash prize as it’s an easy and honorable way to do so. Will they be able to solve the escape room without falling in love? You’ll have to check that out!

5. THE ESCAPE ROOM: Four top executives of the finance world are called for an escape room challenge as a team-building exercise but don’t realize they’re called in for a dangerous game of survival. Locked/caught in an elevator that shuts down in the middle of the building, they quickly realize it’s no ordinary game. They will have to put aside their bitter rivalries, work for clues, traps, and puzzles and figure out each of their darkest secrets and what it took to reach this higher level in the industry. Would one kill to survive this game? Find out by reading this book! 

Do you find escape rooms scary now? Especially that comes with a prize to win at the end? After reading these, I know I do! Lastly, read and give these novels a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!