5 Common Questions Around Puppies and Sunburns!

Sunburns are common in humans when they are not protected and head out on hot days or summer months. And we will tell you it’s no different for our pet companions. Our canine fur babies are highly sensitive to soaring temperatures, so you need to have pet sunscreens ready in your travel bag when holidaying at the beach, taking a walk, or playing games in the field with your pet pal.

At the same time, find some shady areas or set up a dog tent so your pupper can relax or watch you from a distance when it is unsafe for them to play. Keep your puppy’s water bowls full so they have access to fresh water and don’t dehydrate. These are some of the basics of warm weather pet care you mustn’t miss out on. Now, you want your puppy to be a part of your outing, so ensure they get proper attention throughout.

We can safely say dog insurance NZ is a pet essential, in both warm and cool weather. Insurance for pets dogs can be beneficial in times of puppy accidents, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more. A pet insurance policy can make pet medical care affordable, which is why you can consider this option to make some financial savings on puppy care.

Buy a policy but read the below answers to some frequent questions on puppies being exposed to heat. You can be more careful next time you head out with your sassy pet.

My puppy suffered a sunburn; should I be worried?

Yes, of course, it must be a matter of concern for pet parents. Your puppy can seriously suffer as certain pet body parts exposed to the sun are not densely covered with fur. Your puppy needs medical attention if you notice painful skin inflammation, redness, or dry, cracked, flaky skin. Even otherwise, sunburn is no laughing matter; taking your pet to the vet can be the best thing you can do to resolve the issue.

Does my puppy require sunscreen?

Yes, again! Your puppy needs generous sunscreen application; more importantly, you need to apply sunscreens made specifically for dogs. It is a necessary step to protect your pup from several skin issues, sunburns, and skin cancers. Also, light-haired and white fur pups particularly need sunscreens to stay safe.

How many times do I need to apply sunscreen to my pup?

When the temperature is moderate, a single application can be sufficient. However, if you are going out with your pup during peak sunny hours (between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.), your dog may need re-application to sensitive zones like areas around lips, nose, ear tips, groin, and belly. At no point should your puppy be exposed to the harsh sun without sunscreen. Another important point is – your puppy will need a coat of sunscreen right after swimming.

Which is the best sunscreen for puppies?

Buy sunscreens designed for canine use. When confused, discuss pet-safe products with your vet and purchase the ones they recommend. One word of caution here is don’t apply oils, tanning creams, or lotions to your puppy.

How do I apply sunscreen to my puppy?

Initially, you must conduct a patch test by applying the sunscreen on a small skin area to check for potential allergic reactions. Once your pet passes the test, you can start applying. While applying the product to the face, ensure the product doesn’t get into your puppy’s eyes. Once applied, allow the cream or lotion to soak for a few minutes before going out.

You can also gift your pup a pair of dog goggles to protect their eyes from heat, dust, and other particulate matter. Dog insurance in NZ can cover your pet for many health conditions and allergies. Insurance for pets dogs can make the whole affair of providing quality medical care for your pup financially feasible.