3 Tips for Managing a Remote Customer Service Team

As the COVID-19 began, businesses started working online, and most of them were having trouble managing their remote teams. Moreover, it may have been the first time for some people to be working from home, leading to many issues. Nowadays, as remote work is becoming more popular and preferred, companies have figured out the solution to a better management process of a remote team. 

When it comes to providing customer service, remote workers may encounter even more issues, including technical ones. And, with the benefits of remote work, let’s see how you can better plan your customer service team’s job.

Three tips for a better remote customer support team management

In our article, we’ll explore various approaches and methods you can use to organize the work of your remote customer care team, which will lead to better business operations in the future. 

1. Consider using cloud-based tools

During any remote work, companies are required to integrate a set of communication tools. In the case of cloud-based tools, employees can easily log in and get access to the information needed. In addition, the cloud-based project management tool will help better go paperless, organize the working process and assign tasks more precisely.

Additionally, when it comes to communication, you can easily manage internal customer service processes. It will also give you space to “store” customer data and use it in the future.

2. Build trust within your team

Remote work requires lots of online communication and sometimes may cause a lot of misunderstandings. This is why it’s essential to clearly define your company values and share them with your team members. In this case, they will build trust in each other and be ready to work as a team, not as individuals. 

As you build a trustworthy team, they are more likely to feel appreciated in your company so that they will provide better customer support. You can also hire virtual assistants who are used to working remotely and know how they can quickly become part of the team.  

3. Don’t forget about the power of video

You can catch up with your team during the coffee break or outside the office in real life. However, in the case of working remotely, it’s harder to keep the communication human-friendly. But video communication is here to help you. By using tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet, you can organize team meetings through video and try to keep the human touch. 

This will help improve communication, so besides talking to each other and having discussions, your team members can also see each other and catch everyone’s emotions. Especially in the case of a customer care team, it’s important that your team can stick together, which you can strengthen through videos.  


Even if it’s a challenging task, you can still implement some tips to get the best out of the customer service team’s skills. By using virtual communication platforms and establishing brand values, you can manage your remote team effectively. Most importantly, your customers will enjoy the support they get and will be happy to interact with your brand. 

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